The Visual Art Department of Tema Secondary School on Thursday 18th February, 2021 mounted a two day art exhibition at the forecourt of the FK Buah Hall to showcase the talents and potentials of the Art Department. The exhibition which consisted of works of Arts ranging from textiles, basketry, ceramics, sculpture, collage and painting were colourfully displayed.

The continuing students from the Visual Art Department were credited for all the Art works. Spectacular among the works were those of pencil portraits of the School’s Management i.e. Headmaster and Assistant Heads I, II and III aesthetically completed by a final year student. Another work was a portrait of a teacher in the Department made of beads collage, uniquely executed by a National Service Personnel serving in the Department.

Speaking in an interview with the media, Madam Bernice Berning stated that the aim of the Art Exhibition was to showcase the skills, talents and career potentials in studying Visual Art and also to inspire other students to attain similar feats.

Story, camera: Wilfred Narh Neizer