The purpose of the Tema Secondary School Alumni Association shall be to promote through its alumni and membership the interests of the TEMASCHO and its alumni. The Association shall act independently to provide services and programs that enlighten, strengthen and develop the student, faculty, staff and alumni bodies.

The mission of the Alumni Association is:

Provide the leadership, service and financial support necessary to enrich the academic, intellectual and social experience of the School’s students.

Enhance, strengthen, and develop the academic reputation of the School and to reinforce and validate the worth and pride in the School’s academic experience.

Continue to develop and reinforce the bonds between the school and its alumni. Seize every opportunity to elevate and heighten the School’s image and to instill pride within the greater TEMASCHO community of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, as well as with the citizens of Ghana. Promote diversity within the School family. Serve as the School’s advocate and champion before the political leadership of the nation.


Throughout their lives, alumni cherish memories of the place that nourished their intellectual growth. The charming and serene physical environment of a school stirs the imagination and motivates the aspirations of those who study, live, and work there. The splendor of a campus is enormously advantageous in recruiting the best students, faculty, and staff to that learning institution.

The Tema Secondary School Alumni Association has launched the TEMASCHO Beautification Campaign to upgrade the campus landscaping and user experience. This project will be completed no later than March 31st, 2013.

Membership dues and donations will fund this effort. Please join this effort and give generously.  When we say Nil Nisi Optima, we truly mean Nothing but the best!

The goals of this campaign are to enhance access to the physical plant, to unite diverse architectural styles of buildings and land uses, and to create an atmosphere that encourages academic excellence and collaboration.

Our planned improvements include:

Development of campus entrance points that provide a pleasing sense of arrival

  • Installation of gathering places with benches where students, faculty, staff, and visitors can share ideas and inspiration
  • Improved building and grounds maintenance
  • Planting of additional trees, shrubs and flowers for beautification of the natural environment
  • Traffic flow facilitation by establishing open spaces, trails, paved bike and pedestrian byways, and bicycle parking
  • Promotion of visual and spatial connections with the use of greenways

Gifts from alumni and friends will enable us to achieve these significant milestones. Additional governmental support will allow us to create a campus beautification endowment in perpetuity, to dramatically bolster TEMASCHO’s role in providing students the best education for decades to come.

Please contribute today, to help bring this historic project to fruition!